It’s time to sleep

Alison Scott-Wright is a leading expert in her field, specialising in baby sleep, reflux, ‘colic’ and everything in between. She travels across the UK and abroad spreading her magic fairy sleepy dust and getting to the bottom of the most puzzling and frustrating of circumstances to result in happy babies all over the world.

This year, the magic sleep fairy is going to be spreading the sleepy dust to a city near you. The Magic Sleep Fairy Roadshow will bring together groups of parents who need Alison’s help with a bespoke conference that details how to sleep train your baby and learn the truth behind ‘colic’ as well as a Q&A and an opportunity to mingle with other parents.


The Magic Sleep Fairy is coming to town!

Baby sleep expert and reflux specialist Alison Scott-Wright will be touring the UK spreading magic sleepy dust to a city near you! Keep your eye on this site for updates on cities and tour dates, where to buy tickets and the latest news. In the meantime, Alison’s website can be found here: and her book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan can be found on her website and Amazon!