Who is Alison Scott-Wright and how did she become The Magic Sleep Fairy?

From nursing the elderly 30 years ago, by chance Alison’s career changed direction and she began work with a director of a large Dorset hospital & who had newborn twin girls. Alison implemented the same natural, sleep and feeding routine with the babies as she had used with her own children and sure enough the twins were sleeping 12 hours through the night by 10 weeks old!
To Alison, this was quite ‘normal’ and what every healthy baby is naturally meant to do – but with the general parenting belief that babies simply don’t, can’t or won’t sleep for weeks, months if not years on end, it certainly was “Sensational” to the mother of the twins and to all her friends. It was through this one word-of-mouth recommendation that Alison has built her incredible career as more and more parents continue to recommend her, her work and her methods to others.
So now with over 20 years of hands-on experience Alison, a published book detailing her methods, has many TV & radio appearances under her belt and she is recognised as the leading baby sleep expert who always gets the best results.

Through her knowledge, understanding, research and years of experience Alison knows that digestive issues are the main cause of many sleep problems. This desire to ‘save’ babies from experiencing unnecessary pain has led her to be the one and only reflux specialist who can manage and resolve all reflux, ‘colic’ and dietary related intolerance issues for all babies and children who suffer.
Her ‘reflux-work’ and practise is endorsed by some of the top paediatric gastroenterologists in the UK and she is an accredited Allied Health Professional with ESPGHAN – The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

As the author of her book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan Alison explains her methods which when followed, promote a baby to naturally sleep 12 hours through the night by 8 to 12 weeks old and for those babies 3 months plus who are still not sleeping, thousands of parents implement Alison’s unique Reassurance Sleep-Training Technique with incredible results!
The last chapter of the book is dedicated to reflux, dietary related issues and gives the most comprehensive and useful information on the topic – with many parents thanking Alison on a daily basis as they know they have “found someone who understands” their babies and the problems they face when dealing with reflux.

“My book was written from my heart, with a deep understanding, ‘sixth-sense’, great passion & love for babies and with my own Mum at side who helped me make the sentences make sense! I am so proud of my book and although it doesn’t suit everyone, I’m just happy to receive all the positive feedback & comments I get knowing that it helps all those parents who read it.”

If you are interested in booking a telephone/Skype consultation directly with Alison or booking a home visit so she can come and work with you and your baby then please visit her website www.alisonscott-wright.com where you can find out more.