The Magic Sleep Fairy is coming to town!

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Come to the Magic Sleep Fairy Roadshow and find out how to resolve any reflux issues & get your baby sleeping 12 hours through the night!

This website is dedicated to all available opportunities to meet the Magic Sleep Fairy; where to get tickets and finding out about Alison Scott-Wright’s social calendar!

A unique opportunity to hear UK leading expert Alison Scott-Wright, author of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan, talk about sleep, colic and reflux.

Alison will be addressing newborn sleep, sleep for babies 4 months plus and toddler sleep problems along with advising on reflux, colic and dietary related intolerances/allergies… she will be giving solutions to all!


Alison Scott-Wright is a leading expert in field of baby care, sleep and managing infant reflux. Alison’s work is endorsed by some of the top paediatric gastroenterologists in the UK and is a recognised Allied Health Professional with ESPGHAN.

Author of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan and ‘hands on’ UK private consultant, Alison spends her time saving babies from sleep deprivation and reflux all over the globe.

Affectionately known by her clients as The Magic Sleep Fairy, Alison’s tried and tested methods are now successfully used by literally thousands of parents across the world.

The sessions will give you answers, resolutions & solutions to many of the problems surrounding baby and toddler sleep, colic, reflux, intolerance & allergy issues.

Tickets are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment!


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